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by | Mar 18, 2020

David Atkinson shares top tips for teen rooms,

and showcases top wall decals 


We’re halfway through another school term, homework is increasing, revision tension grows and teens need their own space, how do parents provide the best?

A teenager’s bedroom serves a number of different purposes. There’s the most obvious like sleeping and spending some time alone but there is also tackling their mountain of homework and hanging out with their friends and family members.

As there are many different roles, you need to make sure their room is right for all of these activities. It may seem stressful but following just a few rules, you can work with your child to create a perfect bedroom that shows off their individuality and is completely functional.

An Open Dialogue is Key

When it comes to updating your teenager’s space, communicating with them is the most important aspect. Letting them have an opinion and even help choose different parts of the room can help them feel more responsible, making them more likely to use and enjoy their personal space.
If they’re getting toward the mid-teens, you can let them take a lead on the planning. Get them to share inspiration from social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to really gauge what kind of room they’d like.
If your child isn’t interested in getting involved in the decisions, out of courtesy, check your ideas with them to help keep them happy. We all know how teenagers can be, so do your best to avoid their wrath.

Create a Plan

Decorating can be exciting but before you run out and start spending money on paint and furniture, you need to create a plan. Start by setting a budget of how much you can afford and ideally how much the project is going to cost you. Plan how you’ll keep track of the budget to help prevent overspending.
Set out if you’re going to have a theme or at least the colour scheme. Then, do some online browsing to get a sense of what fits into their room. Planning will help you stay on point with the style and make sure everything is tied together.


Create a Workspace that Suits Them

Homework is going to quickly become a large part of your teenager’s life, if it’s not already. That means, they need a place to sit down and focus on it, away from any distractions. The perfect place for this is in their bedroom.

You may think that a desk is ideal, but if they’re not the type to work on a desk, it will likely become a dumping ground rather than a useful workspace. Choose something that’s right for the individual. A small desk, a window seat with space for a laptop, even a bookshelf with a comfy space to sit beside. Anywhere they can get their head down and use the tools they need like a laptop or notepad.

Speak to your teenager about choosing whatever setup they would prefer as this will help to encourage them to actually use it.




Utilise the Space You Have

Like with the majority of decorating, space will be one of the biggest limiting factors when it comes to renovating your teen’s room. That’s why it’s crucial you utilise the space you have available, especially as children’s spaces are generally the smallest in your home.

Multifunctional furniture will help you make the most of the area you have available giving you storage as well as functionality. A day bed, cabin bed or ottoman are just a few helpful pieces that are perfect for smaller rooms, serving more than on function. Teenagers aren’t necessarily the neatest of people so maximising storage will encourage them to keep everything tidied away and out of sight.   






Create Space to Relax

As well as a place to work, an area to chill out is ideal for separating work and relaxation for your child. This could just be for them or with a couple of friends. Incorporate a simple seating area such as beanbags, a futon or small foldout sofa.

Give them things for their downtime like books, their favourite tech etc. This will give them a space to hang out other than sitting on their bed to help to leave it just for sleeping. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just a small and comfortable space for them to hang out.

Keep in mind that a teenager’s bedroom shouldn’t be changed too permanently. A lot of children move away to university when they hit eighteen, spending only the holidays and the odd weekend back in the family home. Make sure you can convert their space into a functional adult room when the time comes.


Add in Your Teen’s Personality

Don’t forget to add in a splash of your child’s personality when you decorate their room. Use their hobbies and interests in whatever way you can. Art, photos, accessories such as bedding and even using something to do with a hobby like a guitar or a skateboard will make for completely unique decor. A perfect way to do this is with wall decals, the selection available from Icon Wall Stickers is immense and you will definitely find something that your teen will be thrilled to with.

This will help them feel at home in their room and ensure they enjoy the look. They’ll be more comfortable showing their space off to friends and it will give them a sense of pride. Your open dialogue with your child will help with this stage, giving them a voice to share with you what they want to use.

For more teen interiors inspiration check out Issue 9 the Teen Edit by subscribing here for free.

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