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by | Nov 7, 2019

Meet The Talent


Rooomy introduces Chloe Flint winner of

the Young Designers Initiative from Aspace


For over 20 years the Aspace team have understood the importance of giving children a comfortable, safe and fun place to sleep, learn and play – a space kids’ can call their own, and let their imaginations run riot. So that’s pretty much the Rooomy mission in a nutshell. And they to top it all off they’re based right here in the UK, British Made in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside.

They have been designing and creating wonderful furniture for children’s bedrooms, thinking of all the possibilities and have something for every child. If you’re designing awesome furniture you’re going to have a range of accessories to compliment them and they have an array of options from lighting to rugs and of course bedding.

This summer Aspace launch their Young Designers Initiative and they are proud to introduce new and upcoming textile designer Chloe Flint. Chloe is currently in her second year at The Royal College of Art and in collaboration with Aspace, she has created two unique, playful and fun reversible duvet set designs with a few cushion options. Whittling down the choices was tough but they reached their verdict in the end and their choice is wonderful.

“The Young Designers initiative is a testament to our approach to collaborative learning – one of our core company values,” says Caspar, Aspace’s Chairman. “After I met Chloe, I realised we had the opportunity to provide young people with a platform to showcase their skills. In turn, we are delighted to have young talented people like Chloe bringing new life to Aspace.”  

Roomy caught up with Chloe to see what it was like to be a part of this new initiative.

RB:         How has it felt working in collaboration with Aspace to come up with these fun designs?

CF:          It has been exciting and a great opportunity to learn some more professional skills. I have really enjoyed seeing my work being made into real life products. Designing for children has been an exciting chance to explore a completely new area of textiles.

RB:         Had you ever envisaged yourself designing for children?

CF:          Yes, when I was studying at Chelsea College of Art I did a project designing prints for childrenswear. I found it really fun as it enabled me to design more freely. Since then I have always been interested in designing for children.

RB:         What did you enjoy most?

CF:          I always enjoy the initial research and drawing of ideas. It’s an exciting time in a project when thinking about all the possibilities, the concept, and the colours to use.

RB:         What was the biggest challenge?

CF:          I am just about to graduate from the Royal College of Art so definitely studying for a masters and taking on a project that I wanted to fully immerse myself in was hard to juggle.

RB:         Would you like to design for children again or are you itching to get into something more adult and edgy?

CF:          I am always excited by any opportunity that comes my way and am open to designing for both children and adults as that will keep things fresh and exciting for me. I would love to carry on designing for children in the future though.

RB:         Can you tell us a bit about your inspiration for the Aspace Young Designers collection?

CF:          I took inspiration for colour and shape from playgrounds tried to capture a childlike feeling of naivety, playfulness and spontaneity. I tend to look at artists, illustrators and designers; Matisse and Lucienne Day are a constant inspiration as well as more contemporary designers such as Atelier Bingo and Marimekko.

RB:         How do you think the Aspace Young Designers initiative might help other up-and-coming designers, like yourself?

CF:          The initiative has given me the chance to collaborate with an exciting growing company which has helped me to develop my professional skills and develop my own creatively through a unique project designing for children. It could give others the opportunity to share their designs, thoughts and passion within a commercial context.

We want to wish Chloe the very best of luck with her design career, she has a very bright future ahead of her, kicking off with these wonderful kid’s designs for Aspace.  You can see all that Aspace and their award winning products have to offer here.

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